Automotive Painting

Having your car suddenly damaged is one of the most distressing experiences that you will have. Fortunately, we at Stan McNabb Collision Center are here to repair your vehicle if you should experience those unfortunate circumstances, and that includes using automotive painting on your vehicle. We use existing color matching technology to custom mix the paint we use on your vehicle.

The first step that we will take is discussing with you how much of the vehicle needs to be repainted and what color or colors it should be painted. In fact, if you want to go ahead and change the color of your entire car, we can do that as well. Either way, we will make sure to take care of any paint that has been scuffed or destroyed due to your collision or other type of accident.

Once all blemishes, chips, dents and scratches have been removed, we will start the automotive painting process.

We use high-quality primers, base coats and clear coats in a dust-free environment to ensure that all cars brought to us look like they did prior to the incidents that caused the damage. Utilizing existing color matching technology for custom mixed paint allows us to ensure that the visual appearance of your vehicle returns to his impressive former state.

After we pretreat the vehicle with water, primer is applied to make the surface as smooth as possible and to ease the application of the base coat, improving its ability to stick. The use of primer also helps protect your vehicle further from light, bumps, heat and corrosion.

The base coat, which includes the color that will be used, is applied next. Solid paints will generally be used on vehicles that we treat since that is what is used most on cars, motorcycles and trucks. Other types of paints that could be used during this step include metallic paints and pearlescent paints.

Applying clear coat is the final step. This transparent paint helps your base coat appear with more shine and is eye-catching. It also helps protect your vehicle against ultraviolet rays and fading. Minor bumps or spotting that occurs later will also be much less noticeable if clear coat had been applied.

Rest assured that when you entrust us with your damaged vehicle, we at Stan McNabb Collision Center will make sure that it regains its former appearance, and that includes its beautiful color.