Full Service Auto Body Repair

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We offer a full auto body repair service here at Stan McNabb Collision Center. We strive to maintain excellent customer service and the highest quality of service. Our auto body technicians are highly skilled craftsmen with years of training and experience.

There are several components that go into the entire repair process. How you vehicle is repaired is based on the type of damage and the amount of damage.

In most situations, the repair process consists of these steps:
2.Insurance Approval
3.Structural/Cosmetic Repairs to the frame and body

If you are in an accident or collision, give us a call to schedule your free estimate. We will work with you to quickly and efficiently get you back on the road.

Insurance Approval:
We accept and honor all insurance companies. Once we have the estimate and approval from your insurance company, we can work to get you into an affordable rental car. We have Hertz Rental Cars on site.

Structural/Cosmetic Repairs:
There are a few steps that go into structural and cosmetic repairs:
  • Your vehicle was manufactured in compliance with tight structural standards. Exact location and fit of integral parts are critical to the operation and appearance of your vehicle. The equipment we use to measure your vehicle relies on laser-assisted measurements, which assures the proper location of all structural components.
  • All collision related repairs require some degree of cosmetic repair, and often require replacement of factory panels. We will check for proper fit, and make sure your vehicle's parts look, fit and align the way they should.
  • Most of today's vehicles incorporate some form of corrosion protection applied by the original manufacturer. We will reapply this protection to ensure that your vehicle conforms to the original manufacturer's standards.
  • At this point, we begin to check your vehicle's systems for proper functioning and the perform quality control of the repair work.

We use the best quality of paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability. Depending on the repair needed, spot painting may be your best option. Spot painting is a simple, cost effective way to get you back in your car in no time. We target the areas needing repair and ensure the adjacent panels are chemically cleaned and block sanded to give a precise surface for painting. We go on to use a multiple masking process to ensure an accurate “blending” of the new and old car paint so that the transformation is flawless.

Once your vehicle has gone through the refinish process, we can reattach outer parts such as mirrors, moldings and other accessories removed prior to painting. We will service your air conditioning unit and perform a wheel alignment if they were compromised during the accident. We will check and fix any errors in your vehicle's computer codes. Once all these steps have been taken we give your vehicle is given one last inspection and a test drive.

Here at Stan McNabb Collision Center, we like to go the extra mile to make sure your experience here was a great one. Not only do we repair your vehicle, but we also have extra perks that we include.
  • Wet-sanding and Buffing to give your vehicle that factory-finished look
  • Hand-washing your vehicle
  • Vacuuming/Cleaning the interior of your car
  • Friendly customer service experience